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Okashii High School

Monday, December 29, 2003


She sipped her coffee lightly as she watched Kaiki become very disturbed by her new school uniform. She didnt know Kaiki just knew her well enough to be annoyed by this uniform. She hadnt heard of the ANTI suicide just yet. It wasnt something that she wanted to hear and even if she did hear of it, it would only mean one thing and that is fear.
She tugged at her own skirt and waited blindly for an Adonis to come to the library. Taking a ball from her bag she waved her hands around it. A purple glow emitted from it startling her because it normally emits the color of her fate. But exactly did purple mean? Has death truly began to knock on her door? Or will something happen to someone else?
"Fate...is coming...Deus do you know what to do about this?"

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ANTI is becoming apparent in his life. He has actually starting to get scared for myself and perhaps Nazoto too. He stood in the court yard constantly looking his sourroundings. Today drag was apparent to get what he wants. What he wanted was to see who exactly was the guy who found the ANTI body. Short white school girl skirt and Sailor girl shirt. Ankle socks and brown loafers was what kept both the boys and the girls going after him. Yeah he was a disgrace to male kind but who really cared at this moment. He hated Deus and the power that so called God had so why not try to take them down Well not take them down of course. Only become something better than what he was. But the money was good. He brushed his white hair back and hummed to himself. There wasnt much else he could give to this world. But at the moment He honestly didnt care. "Anti is what I am" He whispered to himself as he began to walk toward the courtyard gates. Too much was at stake for him to just stand around and do nothing. But what exactly could he do. Nothing except escape and leave Okashii High...but where to?

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Taking his cigarette to his mouth, Haishin stared outside through his windwos. He had read in the papers that they had found an ANTI participant around. This frightened him to the major degree. He thought that if he went to Okashii High he would be able to get away from this. Obviously not and with Sumiko now back in the scene there was no way he would be able to ever return to his normal life. There wasnt any regularity from being with Anti and there was no way he would escape...Rosuto.. It had been a long time since he saw that pale face and perfect lips.He missed him but he couldnt do anything about it. He had to get away from this world....But something was pulling him back. He threw the cigarette outside the window and heading out the door. He was going to ANTI no matter what anyone said. But befofre He left He had to make sure about his room mate Adonis. Yeah He was a cute guy. But defiently not his type. Or so it seemed.

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The Eversio HQ was anything but noticeable. Although there was the smaller fortress residing over the edge of the ocean, the larger, main HQ was buried deep within the earth's crust, hidden from prying eyes. The many windows were lit with artificial light and sky, to try and give the soldiers a sense of home above ground. Colonel Gren in fact, seemed quite happy that day. Well, moreso determined about ... something. The normally grim appearing colonel marched down the hall to the interrogation room, a haughty grin on his face attracting odd stares.

Why was he so happy? Easy: they caught a member of ANTI. So far, the welp as they called him had kept his mouth shut in interrogation, but Gren wasn't going to let him keep quiet, now was he? He chuckled at the thought as he came to the room, finding many soldiers lined up in front of the window (of course appearing as a mirror to the inside). Raising an eyebrow, Gren nudged one of the further soldiers, "What's going on?", he asked.

"The ANTI guy is dead!"

Gren blanched. He was kidding right? They did a search to try and find any weapons so how...? Shoving away a few of the center soldiers, Gren did in fact find himself staring at a bloody scene. Revolver gripped in his hand, and blood pouring from his right temple, and standing over him was Sumiko ...

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Sunday, December 28, 2003


Col. Gren & Adonis meet in the courtyardCollapse )

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Leaving the office, Kaiki mumbled under her breathe about injustices of the school system. Uniform tucked under one arm, and schedule clutched in her hand, she made her way back to her room. She had taken a look at the dorm assignments, and found herself roomed with someone named Kizuato. Of all things, couldn't they have let her be? Five years ago, she was released from a governmental laboratory, her parents having gave her up for science when she was one. Then, she had a sudden wave of anger and took it out on a store full of people. Now they're going to call it head trauma and lock her up in an asylum, let her out, then send her to a school where she had just as many freedoms as before.

In her room, she noticed her roommate hadn't moved in and took the opportunity to change into her uniform. It didn't take her long, since she didn't want her roommate to suddenly walk in while she was changing her clothes. Stepping in front of the mirror, Kaiki blanched at the length of the skirt. It barely reached to the knees!

"Damn perverted ...", she grumbled.

The uniform itself was a long sleeve, white button up blouse for girls, under a rust colored red vest, and a unnecessarily short skirt. Of course, there was the over the knee white stockings, and black shoes. But, Kaiki wasn't going to stand for the injustice that was the degenerate mind of the principal, now was she?

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3:11PM - Dorm Room Assignments

Dorm Assignments As Of 12.28.03 for A hall/6th floorCollapse )

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The PA system clicked on, followed by a wave of static. Several mumbles as the principal consulted with his secretary before actually realizing the speaker was on. "Oh, ah, yes ...", Principal Wilson cleared his throat authoritively, "Greetings students of Okashii High School. I understand that this school year has started quite late, but due to one or two mishappenings, the school was closed until recently.", he was attempting to make his voice sound comforting. Keyword: attempting. "Now, as it comes to class schedules and dormitories: schedules may be picked up in the main office at the front desk. Dorm assignments will be posted on the main bulletin board in front of the cafeteria."; he coughed a few times, probably due to the flu that had been spreading throughout the area. Some getting it more so than others. "I have been getting many questions about uniform policies. Yes, there are school uniforms.", he imagined the groans of dissappointment, "Those can be picked up at the front desk as well. Just be sure to tell the secretary your size, and such. Enjoy yourselves while you can without classes."

The PA system shut off, silence filling the corridors of Okashii once again.

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Friday, December 26, 2003


A girl slowly pulled her robes to her shoulders. Her eyes closed and full of tears. She was scared perhaps.Maybe more furious then scared,blowing her hair from her eyes she walked toward the nearest library and sat down. Her purple eyes shining blissfully. Tired perhaps was what she was. Christmas being only yesturday and yesturday being only a few hours before. Her body was begining to frazzle."Oh how I wish that damn brother of mine wasnt around. He had to come with me to Okashii High. Like as if he would be here for the studies. His only studies are the other boy's asses. Always taking them from me..." She sighed annoyed by the fact that she knows that no matter how hard she tries all the guys she is ever intrested in is either gay or bi. Knowing this she stuck her face into a book..tired she layed down her eyes drooping toward the words.Blurry and Blasphemus....

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Thursday, December 25, 2003


Amaryllis Neil bounded through the many corridors of Okashii High School. It was Christmas after all, and she was happily decked out in more than one article of clothing she had recieved. On her head, she wore a dark blue hat. Somehow, the fabric of said hat had been sewn in such a way, it looked like there were rabbit ears on the top. Wearing her new jacket, an ice blue coat that dropped just a bit above the knees, the hood lowered while this too had ears sewn through them. Then, of course a pair of slightly torn blue jeans with black-white striped stockings to cover her bared skin, and offwhite snowboots, both hands covered in offwhite mittens and a black-blue scarf around her neck.

Today, her eyes were a "sparkling" sapphire, obviously showing that she was pratically beyond happiness, her long brown-golden hair streaming behind her in waves. She really wanted to find someone else to talk to, and share the Christmas spirit with. No luck, so far.

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