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A girl slowly pulled her robes to her shoulders. Her eyes closed and full of tears. She was scared perhaps.Maybe more furious then scared,blowing her hair from her eyes she walked toward the nearest library and sat down. Her purple eyes shining blissfully. Tired perhaps was what she was. Christmas being only yesturday and yesturday being only a few hours before. Her body was begining to frazzle."Oh how I wish that damn brother of mine wasnt around. He had to come with me to Okashii High. Like as if he would be here for the studies. His only studies are the other boy's asses. Always taking them from me..." She sighed annoyed by the fact that she knows that no matter how hard she tries all the guys she is ever intrested in is either gay or bi. Knowing this she stuck her face into a book..tired she layed down her eyes drooping toward the words.Blurry and Blasphemus....
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