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ANTI is becoming apparent in his life. He has actually starting to get scared for myself and perhaps Nazoto too. He stood in the court yard constantly looking his sourroundings. Today drag was apparent to get what he wants. What he wanted was to see who exactly was the guy who found the ANTI body. Short white school girl skirt and Sailor girl shirt. Ankle socks and brown loafers was what kept both the boys and the girls going after him. Yeah he was a disgrace to male kind but who really cared at this moment. He hated Deus and the power that so called God had so why not try to take them down Well not take them down of course. Only become something better than what he was. But the money was good. He brushed his white hair back and hummed to himself. There wasnt much else he could give to this world. But at the moment He honestly didnt care. "Anti is what I am" He whispered to himself as he began to walk toward the courtyard gates. Too much was at stake for him to just stand around and do nothing. But what exactly could he do. Nothing except escape and leave Okashii High...but where to?
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