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Okashii High School

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[IC] Okashii High School is a high school, of course, in X city, one of the 26 Alpha cities. Not much out of the ordinary, besides a small rebellious group called ANTI, who are against Deuism the main religion. But, that's besides the point.

In the city, there of course is the usual restaurants (both fancy, and fast), arcades, shopping plaza's/malls, grocery stores, apartments. Overall, anything that any other city would have. Did we forget to mention the towering governmental building positioned in the middle? The centerpoint of many supposed "conspiracies". The school itself contains dorm rooms, up to two students per room, unless there is a necessary reason for otherwise.

[OOC] Right, well, Okashii HS is a combo of two RP's. Broken Faith and Crystal of Mana. In other words, ANTI is from B.F., and they're scattered about X city, and a few of the other cities as well. They're against the Deus religion, and have small rebellions, that are quickly silenced by Eversio, the police force. In response, Eversio has a few hidden officers in the HS to report on any suspicious acitivities. For C.o.M., not much will happen according to that just yet. So, don't bother inquiring.

Anyways, how do you sign up? Email me (if link doesn't work, send an email to AbintraAbaddon@aol.com), with the following information:

Occupation: (student, teacher)
Grade: (Fill out only if occupation is student)
Group: (ANTI, Eversio, and if you would like to make up a group: power to you. Just send a description of the group and it's objectives.)


Favorite Food:
Least Favorite Food:
Favorite Color:
Favorite Subject:
Least Favorite Subject:


Sample Post:

[ Note : I will be making the schedules for you, and if you would like to be roomed with someone, please take that up with me. Questions and comments should be emailed as well. Have fun. ^_^ ]